• Natural Hormone Medication (suppositories, vaginal creams, vaginal gels, absorbent gels to place on the inside of your arm, topical gels, oral capsules, oral tablets, etc.).
  • Pain Medication (for patients unable to swallow capsules or tablets; topical gels, topical creams, tablets that dissolve under the tongue, suppositories, suspension, syrups, etc.).
  • Veterinarian Medicine (for picky animals that dislike the taste of medicine, their medication is compounded into flavors suitable to each animal in a treat or topical form).
  • Alternative Methods of getting medication into your body (lollipops, dissolvable tablets, creams, gels, syrups, suspension, lotion, suppositories, etc.)

Delivery to your home of office is available.

You can learn more about medication compounding using the helpful videos below.