How to Plan an On-site Flu Clinic

This flu season more than ever it will be important to take action to keep your organization healthy with an on-site flu clinic. When flu season hits, it hits hard. Each year, 5 to 20% of the U.S. population will get the flu. According to the CDC, an annual flu vaccination is the single best way to prevent a flu outbreak, but many Americans aren’t receiving the flu shot. If you think that this isn’t your organization’s problem, this year it’s time to rethink that.

As a leader in your organization, an on-site flu clinic is an inexpensive way to promote the health and wellness of your team. Planning a flu shot clinic for your employees or volunteers might sound difficult or stressful, but it’s not. Here is what you need to consider.

Arranging the clinic

There are lots of providers out there you could use to schedule an on-site flu clinic. Identifying a provider that will be on-time, has online scheduling, and is easy to communicate with is important. Our pharmacists are trained and experienced in flu vaccinations and will bring a positive, happy demeanor to your clinic.

You want an easy experience, especially if this is your first time holding an on-site flu clinic. Finding a local provider, someone that has existing ties to your local community makes everything go a little smoother.

Remember that the purpose of your on-site flu clinic is to ensure that your team receives a flu shot. You want a provider that is experienced and able to handle the logistics of managing your organization while offering the individual flexibility that you might need.

Schedule the clinic

When is the best time for your team for a provider to come and immunize? Think about your work week. Do you want someone showing up on a busy Monday, first thing in the morning? Probably not. You want flexibility to schedule online your flu clinic on a day and time that works best for you.

Our pharmacists will arrive on-time as scheduled for your on-site flu clinic. Depending on how many immunizations are being given, you may find it helpful for your organization to schedule individual time slots in advance for your employees or volunteers.

Communicate and Promote the Clinic

Once you’ve decided on a flu clinic provider for your organization it’s important to let your team know about this important event. Remind your team about the convenience of using your on-site clinic versus taking time away from work to schedule an appointment. Just as an employer doesn’t like it when people are out sick with the flu, your team doesn’t want to use a sick day due to a virus that could have been prevented.

You should start early to promote your on-site flu clinic. We’ll provide flyers to post around your company.

  • Send out reminder emails and add the scheduled clinic in your organization’s newsletters.
  • Hanging fliers around the office will catch attention.
  • Employees will also have questions about the clinic. Our team is responsive to any questions that come up before your scheduled on-site clinic.

Arranging Space for your Clinic

Our pharmacists will bring all the vaccines and other materials necessary to successfully immunize your team. Please identify a private, air conditioned space with a table and chairs to ensure the comfort of your employees being immunized.

Employees should be seated for their safety while they are being immunized. And it’s helpful to assign an employee to help manage the queue of staff being immunized to keep the clinic moving efficiently during your work day.

Click here to schedule your on-site flu clinic today.  It takes just 60 seconds.


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