How to Choose a Pharmacy

It happens like this.  You have not been feeling like yourself lately.  Maybe you’re having shortness of breath when walking the golf course lately.  Perhaps you have started getting migraines.  Maybe it is past time to get your blood pressure checked out.  You make an appointment with a medical office and a physician diagnoses you with high blood pressure and gives you a prescription for medicine.  Now you need to choose a pharmacy in Citrus County.  It seems like a simple choice but there are lots of options and choosing the right pharmacy provides you with convenience, value, and additional services that improve your health.


When choosing a pharmacy in Citrus County, most patients tell us that a pharmacy that provides convenience is the most important thing.  Convenience often means different things to different people.  Is the pharmacy conveniently located near their home or office?  Is there a drive-thru?  Does the pharmacist make time for you when you have about your health and medications?

Many patient’s with more than one medication need a pharmacy that provides a medication synchronization program that eliminates making multiple trips to the pharmacy each month.  Enrolling in your pharmacy’s MedSync program eliminates a pharmacy not having your medication in stock that day.   Fast service is important when your waiting for a prescription to be filled.  Is the pharmacy fast or are they going to make you wait for an hour or more?



The value that a pharmacy provides is important for your health, and the price you pay is important for your wallet.  If you have insurance a pharmacy will bill your prescription insurance and charge you your copay.  Occasionally a medication is prescribed that is not covered by your insurance.  You want a pharmacy that will work on your behalf to get your medication covered.

A pharmacy should always to be willing to personally contact your insurance company, or call a physician to discuss a medication alternative, to get you the medicine you need.  That extra effort shows how much they care about your health.  Having a pharmacy that treats an insurance issue as their personal concern means there’s a good chance you’ll never go a day without your medication.

But what if you don’t have insurance. That’s okay!  But it’s important to use a pharmacy that has the ability to work with you on a self-pay price that can save you money.  Most corporate giants don’t have the flexibility to work with you on price like an independent pharmacy does.



Many patients believe it is important that a pharmacy provide preventative care like immunizations, blood pressure screenings, medication counseling and comprehensive medication reviews.  It can be important to consider if the pharmacy provides specialty compounding for when a patient has a particular medication need addressed that isn’t available with commercially available medications.

Often as we age it is common for patients to be prescribed multiple medications to help manage their health.  Patients can benefit from a pharmacy that offers special packaging that sorts each dose by day and time of day that a medication is taken. 

Home delivery is an important service that we have all come to expect.  A website for you to order prescription refills easily is also important in our modern world.  You need a pharmacy that can also call, text or email you when your prescription is ready.

No one wants to ever visit the pharmacy.  We don’t like taking medications.  So it’s important to choose a pharmacy that cares about you deeply as a person in a friendly, kind, and compassionate way.  A pharmacy doing more for your health is what’s needed.

If you need to choose a new pharmacy in Citrus County, Brashear’s Pharmacy is a trustworthy choice that will provide you with convenience, value and additional services that improve your health.  It’s easy to become a new patient today and you’ll be glad you did.

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