Your pharmacist knows a secret

The secret is that despite a trip to a physician, and a friendly pharmacist available to answer questions each day, most people don’t take their medication correctly.

Sometimes we forget and skip a dose that day. Sometimes we forget and take the dose late. And too often we forget why we are still taking a drug. Medicine only works if taken correctly. Brashear’s Pharmacy can help with each of those issues.

We call it Simplify My Meds and there are two levels of assistance.

First, we sync up all your prescription refills. This gives you a scheduled, once-a-month pickup of your prescriptions. That is huge time saver to you the patient or a caregiver. Your pharmacist is available, in person, to go through your medication list when you pickup to answer any questions you have, to go over side effects and to advise you on the best times of the day to take your medications.

Second, we offer additional support for patients and their caregivers by packaging a patient's entire drug regimen by day and time. For drugs not taken in pill form we can set up reminder notices each day for, as an example, a twice daily inhaler or an insulin injection.

A pharmacy technician checks in monthly to review your recent medical history, to check for any hospital stays or visits to your doctor, for any new or discontinued medications prescribed and to see how you’ve been feeling. The technician will also check on your prescription history at this time and see if any new prescriptions should be requested from your physician before your next scheduled pickup day.

Simplify My Meds has been a huge success for all of our patients participating. We’ve made it more convenient to pick up and take their medications, helped educate on the importance of how and why to take their medication correctly and checked in regularly on how their medications are working.

The secret it out. Learn more here: Simplify My Meds

Posted 2/26/15

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