Why we can enjoy work every day

When Bob Brashear opened his first retail pharmacy back in 2001 he knew he was going to need help. Many of those great people from the early years are still around. It's because of them that we can all come to work each day and enjoy where we work. Let me tell you about some of them.

Jon Wright was the first pharmacist that Bob hired when the pharmacy started to get busier back in 2003. Jon is Bob’s brother-in-law and was just a teenager when Bob married Jon’s sister Dianne. Jon went on to go to pharmacy school himself and graduated from the University of Florida in 1986. Jon married his wife Karen who has been a long-time educator in Citrus County and they have six children.

Denise Borre had worked at Fedco Drugs with Bob in the years before it was sold. In 2003 she was hired on in Customer Service and has been with us almost 12 years. Denise has been one of my favorite people to work with and we’re glad to have her. She’s been a tremendous asset in assisting our customers. Denise has two grown daughters and one granddaughter, Nina.

Suzy Decker came to us in 2005, formerly of one of those big-box pharmacies, and we’re never going to let her retire. If you’ve been in to our Inverness pharmacy it’s likely that Suzy has helped you at the register. She never forgets a name or a face and she always has a smile and a joyful spirit that she brings with her to work every day.

Diane Kruschke came to us a couple weeks after Suzy Decker. I must have been having a bad day once because the first time she came in to interview I didn’t hire her on the spot. Fortunately she came in a second time after I had come to my senses. Di started in Customer Service after having previous pharmacy experience in Massachusetts and has worked in our Lecanto pharmacy since we opened there in 2007. Diane is currently the store assistant manager.

Check back later to hear about some other great people.

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Posted 3/2/15 by Jesse Brashear

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