Which one are you?

One of the issues that concerns us the most at Brashear's is the alarming statistic that 50% of people with chronic diseases are not taking their medication as prescribed. And there are a myriad of reasons for this. Sometimes it's a simple misunderstanding of how and why to take the medication. Often cost is a large factor. And occasionally there are side effects to a medication that need to be managed differently.

Your pharmacist is able to assist with any and all of these issues. Usually a simple phone call between the two of you is enough to be of help address questions. Speaking face-to face at the counseling window can sometimes be more helpful. Of course, your pharmacist is always available to speak with you at any time.

But when there are more than a few questions. And when the issues are more complex than what can be addressed over the phone, a more comprehensive medication review could be the solution.

Many Medicare Part D plans will even cover an annual medication review between you and your pharmacist. You can sit down in our medication counseling room and go over each medication and the how and why of taking it correctly. You can also discuss if there would be a more cost-effective alternative to a current medicine. And also what over-the-counter medications or supplements could help mitigate any side effects you are experiencing.

If you're the person who understands all their medications perfectly, great! But if you don't, if your month supply of medication lasts longer than it should, and if you had to stop taking a medication because of how it made you feel then you should give your pharmacist a call today.

So which one are you?