The Sweet Spot Explained

Since we posted about our inaugural meeting of The Sweet Spot your pharmacists have fielded a lot of questions about what it it is and who is it for. So we want to help answer some of those questions.

A recent article in Forbes magazine said that 50% of Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. And the management of diabetes is not as easy some other health complications can be. Your diet and activity levels play big roles in your diabetes management. If your diabetes medication management is perfect, but your diet and exercise need a little help, then your diabetes may not be as controlled as it could be.

But your pharmacist can help.

The Sweet Spot will focus on a monthly topic related to diabetes and your pharmacist will discuss how to use diet, exercise and medication management to improve your health and keep you informed. The Sweet Spot is for both patients and caregivers.

A recent topic covered how to avoid diabetic emergencies. The pharmacist discussed the types of health emergencies faced by diabetics, how to recognize the signs of those emergencies, the importance of keeping a emergency kit and how to properly respond when the emergency strikes.

Another past curriculum went back to the basics of diabetes and your initial diagnosis and asks the question, “I’ve been diagnosed. Now what?”

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