Start your new year with better health

After seeing your physician and being prescribed the correct medication for an illness, taking your medication correctly is the next important step. It’s also something that many people struggle with. From remembering to take a dose, taking the dose at the proper time and picking up your refills at the pharmacy there are many ways that we can all have trouble.

But your pharmacist at Brashear’s can help. Our Simplify My Meds department can alleviate those issues and help you lead a healthier, fuller life.

We’ll sync up your refills so you have one pickup each month.

Your pharmacist will optimize your medication regimen by dose and time of day.

And we’ll call you each month to check on you and your health and schedule your pickup day.

It’s like having an appointment with your pharmacist each month, just like your regular appointments with your physician. And equally important.

Call or email us today to enroll.