Multiple doctors? You need one pharmacist.

No matter what ails you there is probably a physician nearby who specializes in treating you. You’ve got your general practitioner, your dermatologist, your cardiologist and your urologist. And when you have that many practitioners working hard to take care of you, you need to have just one pharmacist.

Your pharmacist needs to be the single person watching your health and your drug treatments in their entirety. This is to ensure your safety when taking medications prescribed by your physicians.

Your pharmacist is looking out for duplication of drug therapies, dangerous interactions and can suggest cost saving alternatives for you to discuss with your physician.

And when you’ve got a question, your pharmacist at Brashear’s is always just a phone call away to help answer your medication questions.

If you’re currently taking a medication being dispensed at another pharmacy let us know what it is and where and we’ll take care of putting it in your prescription profile.

Give us a call today.

Posted 3/17/15

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