Making life beautiful

What glorious weather we’re having this week. Spring is around the corner. The azaleas are in bloom and I see honey bees gathering nectar. Life can be beautiful. But it is not always so.

No one wants to be dealing with illness or high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. Despite our love of all you guys we know that nobody really wants to come and spend their hard, earned money in the pharmacy. But pharmacists play their role in the health-care system. And they can play their role in a beautiful life too.

In the cold, sterile rooms of health care practice pharmacists are the most accessible providers. They’re on almost every major street crossroads. And they provide essential care to each of you.

They provide vaccinations against the flu, pneumonia and shingles. They counsel patients on the how and why of taking their medications so they’re most effective and most cost effective. They keep you safe against dangerous drug interactions and teach you how to use your new blood sugar machine. They check your blood pressure when you don’t feel great and explain to your mom about her dementia medicine.

They make sure you are taken care of even when that new Rx doesn’t arrive before the doctor’s office closes on Friday afternoon. And they give you a smile when you aren’t feeling your best.

They’re your pharmacist.

And it’s about more than just putting pills in a bottle.

It’s about making life beautiful.

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Posted 3/6/15 by Jesse Brashear