Enjoying Work Every Day, Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about a few of the great people who work at Brashear’s, many of whom have been here a while. And they're a big part of the reason we can all enjoy working here everyday. Now let me tell you about the person who has worked here the longest.

Meet Pam.

Pam has had a long and distinguished nursing career for almost 50 years. Pam started with us as the director of Brashear’s Vital Care Pharmacy, our home infusion division, back in 2002. She continues with us in that role and also frequently assists the pharmacists in our compounding department.

We continue to be so richly blessed by her character, her kindness and her brilliance. She’s the confidant of many of us here and many of you guys too. Many of the nursing agencies around our community, and hospice providers, rely on Pam regularly when working to coordinate care for their patients being admitted into services.

We're so thankful for all the years we've been able to work with Pam.

And we know you are too.

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Posted 3/23/15

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