Employee Spotlight

*We'll be taking some time over the next few weeks and sharing some about the great people who work here.

Meet Suzy.

Before working at Brashear’s Pharmacy, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? I worked for 5 years as an airline stewardess for Eastern Airlines out of JFK Airport.

How long have you lived in Citrus County? Since 1982

How many years have you worked at Brashear’s? 10

Do you have any hidden talents? I like people and that’s my talent. And I like to golf.

Favorite movie? Rudy

Favorite book? Gone with the Wind

Know any good jokes? Nope (However, she always seems to make the rest of us laugh)

Favorite food? Steak

What else should people know about you? I’m very close with my extended family. I like to do crafts and I enjoy going out to eat.

suzy cropped.jpg