Doing Business is Hard

Despite our best efforts running a pharmacy, or any business, is always hard. We’re a little guy in the world of chain stores and big box pharmacies, mail order and grocery stores.

But we continue to show up to work every day and all of you continue to walk in our front doors.

And so though business is hard it has its bright moments. Each day when you the customer walk in the door I smile. And I’m thankful that you have.

I remember when we first opened our pharmacy in Lecanto and we had a big, beautiful store and business was really slow. People, you guys, hadn’t found us yet. And one man walked in, stopped and looked me in the eye and asked out loud, “Where are all your customers?” I smiled and said to him, “You just walked in and we’ve been waiting for you.”

And so we work hard everyday to keep our prices as low as possible, to keep our service top notch, and to offer programs you find valuable such as Simplify My Meds and compounding. We've got a new and improved mobile app that we'll be rolling out soon as well.

And so as long as you keep walking in the door we’re always going to do our best to serve you.

And even though we’re little in size we’re big in service.

If you’ve been pleased with our service, give us a review here.

Posted 3/5/15 by Jesse Brashear