Doing business differently

Back in November 2013 was one the scariest moments ever in our company's history. A man walked into our pharmacy with a large knife demanding drugs. He threatened our coworkers and attempted to attack us. We scared him away.

Fortunately, none of our coworkers was physically injured in this robbery. All of those who were there that evening were emotionally scarred. I wasn't there that evening but even watching the raw footage made me shocked and angry. These were my coworkers. This was my family.

Today the Citrus County Sheriff's Office found a DNA match for their suspect, Kim Kilpatrick and posted about it on their Facebook page. All of us are thrilled that this robber has been found and it removes a little bit of the worry that hides in the back of your mind wondering, "Will he come back to rob us again?"

You attacked us and you hurt us. You scared an 18 year old cashier on her first day on the job. You tried to attack a man working in an office with your knife who defended himself by repeatedly trying to close and lock his office door. You threatened members of my family and other coworkers with your knife demanding drugs.

So you'll be prosecuted for your crime and if found guility you'll probably do some time. That's what is supposed to happen. And I hope you'll write a letter of apology to us too.

All that being said, the Brashear's Pharmacy family would like to say something else to Mr. Kilpatrick.

We forgive you.

Many of us that work here know Jesus. And we know that we are guilty of much more serious sins against God than you are. We are murderers, liars and thieves ourselves. We know what it is to be a lawbreaker, for all have fallen short of the perfect life God's law demands. We know that being a lawbreaker has consequences and that we deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. But we know something else, too.

We have been ransomed...rescued... by our older brother, Jesus. He did something we could never do. He followed every law, obeyed every command. And when the judge stands over us, reading a long list of wrongs, and is ready to deliver a well-deserved guilty verdict, Jesus steps in on our behalf and says, "Wait Father, they didn't do that. I did that. I murdered that person. I lied. I stole. Not them. They were perfect." And we walk off...sprung from prison. And Jesus? Well, He was declared guilty. This one thing changes everything. We've been adopted, and share in Jesus's inheritance.

Have you experienced being ransomed? Have you experienced being adopted? Do you know what it's like to have God's favor? Have you felt His smile? Been kissed on the forehead and told well-done? If not, could we suggest starting here:

Posted 6/1/15 by Jesse Brashear