Chapters in a story

Each year is like a chapter in a story. And as 2016 soon comes to a close, we wish we could properly express the amazement and wonder when our doors open each morning. That 25 years later we are still here. That people like you give us your trust as we help to provide care. And that we get to share our days with the wonderful group of people that work here. In this business, in this family, we know that our hope and our life comes from God. This business is not a result of how good we have been, but how good God has been to us. And we're glad that you've been a part of our story this year.

This year we've focused on being A Pharmacy Doing More. We could tell you how many prescriptions we've filled, tablets counted and phone calls answered. But that doesn't tell the true story. What tells the story are the number of hugs we've given (many), smiles shared (daily) and friendship offered (all of you). These are the things that we value as a business.

We've also continued to go the extra mile without being asked. To make that phone call to an office to speed things along. To spend more time with patients who need it and to look for ways to save you money because we know that each dollar counts.

We've finished our first year of pharmacist-led classes on diabetes "The Sweet Spot" started late in 2015 and started a new monthly class focusing on heart health "The Beat" just recently. These classes are designed to directly intervene in the lives of our patients with education, counseling and support for diseases that are complex to manage. After a year we now have a sweet group of regulars who attend each month and it's a joy to see their knowledge and confidence improve about this disease.

Our Simplify My Meds program makes managing multiple daily medications quicker and easier and simpler for our patients. While not a new program this year, we've continued to enroll new patients into it. For only $10 a month, and the first month free, it's an easy choice to make and can be life changing for some people.

Our pharmacists have all made a renewed effort this year to schedule appointments with patients who meet Medicare criteria to receive an annual medication review. These are sit-down consultations with your pharmacist to review your medication regimen, discuss interactions and side effects, look for any duplication in drug therapy and recommend any changes or possibly lower cost alternatives. Ask your pharmacist if you qualify for a medication review.

Pharmacist James Mauller has been with Brashear's Pharmacy for a year now. James came to us last year from K-Mart in Inverness. We also hired pharmacist Zach Rigsby this past May to join our team. They've both been a tremendous asset this past year to our pharmacy and to all of you.

We started our company in 1991 providing specialty infusion medications in our community. And while we've focused most of our efforts in recent years on our community pharmacies, this summer we've sought to dive back in to this area of practice that we know and love. We've heard this year of existing pharmacy patients who were driving to Gainesville or Tampa each month for an infusion Brashear's could provide in the comfort of their own home. They weren't even aware this service was available in their community. So were working to continue to more fully promote our infusion pharmacy to our local physicians and neighbors so they can take advantage of these services in the future where needed.

It's been a delight to be your pharmacy for all these years. We have sought to provide services that matter, that promote better health and to do our part to make life as simple as we can for you. Thank you for choosing Brashear's Pharmacy and there is something we can do to make things better for you in 2017 and the years to come please let us know.

And thanks again for being a part of our story.

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