Changing for the better

We all know that health care is changing. From Medicare Part D starting over a decade ago to Obamacare more recently we are all under an influx of change in who pays for health care needs, what is covered and who we’re allowed to visit and when. Throughout our history as a company, Brashear's Pharmacy has consistently stayed at the forefront of these changes to improve the lives of the patients we see each day. We want to be known as ‘A Pharmacy Doing More’ and so here are some example of how we’re doing just that.

Did you know . . .

Many Medicare Part D plans will cover a yearly visit for patients living with multiple diseases and complex drug therapies to schedule an appointment to meet with their pharmacist. These appointments are called Comprehensive Medication Reviews and allow for you to sit down and discuss questions with your pharmacist about potential side effects of your drug therapies, recommend drug therapy changes and improvements and can help you optimize your health through your prescribed drug regimen.

Did you know . . .

One of the easiest ways to improve your health is simply by taking your medication as prescribed each day. Brashear’s has a couple of ways we can help you do just that. Our Simplify My Meds program synchronizes your prescription refills for once-a-month pickup and stays on top of obtaining new refills and contacting you to remember to pickup your medications from the pharmacy. No more medications out of refills and no more having to remember to drive to pharmacy before you run of medication.

Our ‘Simplify’ team can go a step further and after synchronizing your prescription refills we will optimize your medications for you in packaging by each dose and time of day so that you always can remember to take your medication and don’t forget a needed dose. You can kiss your pill box good-bye!

Did you know . . .

One of the most complex disease states to manage is diabetes. And it’s increasingly common to be a diabetic or a pre-diabetic. So Brashear’s has started a monthly diabetes education program to help educate and improve the lives of our patients living with diabetes. ‘The Sweet Spot’ meets at both pharmacy locations and we have both day and evening classes to fit a variety of schedules. This summer we’ll also be starting a heart health education class called ‘The Beat’ for those people living with cardiac issues.

Did you know . . .

Brashear’s stays on top of new technology to make communication quicker and easier for you. Picking up the phone and calling to order prescription refills will always be an option. But you can order refills over the phone using our interactive voice response system even when the pharmacy is closed. You can also order refills via our our website or by using the Brashear’s Pharmacy mobile app available for Android and iPhones.

Also, let the pharmacy staff know if you’d like to be contacted by phone call, text message or email when your prescriptions are ready to be picked up.

In all that we do Brashear's Pharmacy wants to be improving the lives of our patients in any way that we can. From offering education and support, embracing technology and working to improve your health we're constantly striving to do more. If there is an area you think we can improve or change to make life easier on you let us know. That's why we're a pharmacy doing more.

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