Being Family is Hard

But there is beauty in doing hard things, especially when doing them as family.

Brashear’s Pharmacy is a family. And we’ve got a lot of actual family here. And we’ve got a lot of folks we just consider family.

But Bob Brashear is one blessed pharmacist. In addition to working with his wife, Dianne, at the store each day, he’s also got his brother-in-law, Jon, his sister-in-law, Pam, three sons, Justin, Jesse and Rob, Jr. and their respective wives, Elis and Glenda. His late mother-in-law, June Wright, worked here for many years as our bookkeeper until a few weeks before her passing. And we miss her terribly.

I wrote to you earlier this week about some of the great team that works here and who have been here for years and years. They’re family too. And we love them.

And they love all of you guys when you come into the store each day.

It’s a great thing when family gets together. It’s beautiful. Some of us see family only sometimes. Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are those big get togethers for the Brashear extended family.

But the Brashear’s Pharmacy family is fortunate. We got together almost every day each week. And when we do we get to see all of you guys too. And that makes life a little better, and a little easier.

It’s not always easy when family gets together. And we have our busy days and our hard days here too.

But it’s always beautiful when the family gets together.

Thanks for being part of the family.


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Posted 3/4/15 by Jesse Brashear