A Pharmacy That Makes Us Proud

So what’s so great about this place?

I could tell you about the great products. But you know that anybody can stock those.

I could tell you about the great prices of all our medicines. And usually we’re the lowest, but not everytime.

I could tell you about our great locations in downtown Inverness or on Hwy 491 in Lecanto. But maybe that’s not all that convenient for you anyways.

So what’s so great about Brashear’s Pharmacy?

Years ago James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

For us, it’s the people, stupid. It’s all about the knowledgeable pharmacists we employ, outstanding technicians and friendly clerks.

It’s about nurses that help immunize and coordinate infusion services.

And it’s about owners that want their employees to thrive both at work and in life.

A great company starts and ends with great people.

And that’s something that’ll always make us proud.

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Posted 3/10/15 by Jesse Brashear