A Pharmacy Doing More

Almost two years ago Brashear’s Pharmacy and its pharmacists were looking for ways we could do more to help our patients achieve better outcomes and lead healthier lives. We knew that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving those goals was simply helping patients remember to take their medicine and take it on time.

So we started a program called Simplify My Meds and the results have been amazing.

Let’s look at just a few of the many people we’ve been able to help.

Jane Doe #1. Jane was a regular at the pharmacy. She had three different physicians and over 12 different medications that she filled on various days throughout the month. We helped Jane by using the technology we had acquired and synced up her refills. She now has an appointment day each month to come and get all her refills. When Jane comes into the pharmacy each month she reviews her medication regimen with her pharmacist at pickup time and gets reminded of the best time to take her medications so they’re most effective.

2. John Doe #1. John was one of the first patients we enrolled on the Simplify My Meds adherence packaging. He's been a long time customer and was well known to the pharmacy staff. He often ran out of refills and came into the pharmacy when he was out of medication. He also forgot to frequently take his medication each day and a 30 day supply would last twice as long as it should. After his first couple of months on the program John was able to lower his dose on one blood pressure medication. His physician discontinued a second blood pressure medication as well that he didn't need any more because he was able to start taking his medication regimen correctly.

3. Jane Doe #2. Jane’s daughter called the pharmacy one day after hearing about our Simplify My Meds program. She lived out of state and was worried that her mother wasn’t taking her medication correctly. She was often confused about when and if she had taken her medication that day. Jane lived in Inverness and was using another pharmacy at the time. We transferred in her medications and packaged all her medications for her to help her sort them by day and time. We even give her a reminder each day to remember to take her inhaler. She also gets a call each month to review her medications and check on her health plus a call to tell her when her medications are ready to pick up. Jane’s daughter even though she lives out of state has peace of mind knowing that her mother is getting better care.

Brashear’s Pharmacy is committed to helping patients get the best care possible from their pharmacy and we’ve been thrilled with the results.

What happens when you sign up?

Our team transfers your refills from your current pharmacy. We review your medications and give you a start date. We call you monthly and remind you of your scheduled pickup day and we obtain new prescription refills for you each month.

Contact us today to get started.