3 Ways Your Pharmacist Can Help You

Your pharmacist is an essential champion for your health. By partnering with your physician when you are a prescribed a medication, your pharmacist is actively looking for drug interactions with other medications you are taking, educating you on potential side effects and a whole lot more.

1. Seeing more than one physician? Your pharmacist has that covered. By having your entire prescription history available when dispensing your medication, your pharmacist is able to spot potentially dangerous drug interactions from taking place.

2. We're all concerned about cost these days. And that includes your pharmacist. Our pharmacy team is always looking to keep your price as low as possible by dispensing generic drugs when available, billing all forms of health insurance and looking for coupon savings cards to save you money.

3. Our pharmacists are skilled at problem solving. From creating a custom formulation for a child who can't swallow tablets or capsules to a sterile injectible drug used during a surgery your pharmacist is always willing and able to help you get the right drug, at the right time in the right way.

Nobody wants to visit their pharmacy unless they have to. But if you do, trust the team at Brashear's Pharmacy to go the extra mile to keep you safe, save you money and make taking your medicine just a little bit easier.

Posted 2/25/2015

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