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Local pharmacists complain drug middlemen hurt patient prices and business

"In the competitive pharmaceutical industry where drug manufacturers vie for huge market shares, middlemen work billion dollar deals, and pharmacy goliaths dominate the prescription landscape, it’s hard to be small, and, in many cases, unfair.

Brashear’s focus during a local press conference Wednesday was predominately on pharmacy benefit managers and House Bill 961.

Brashear said pharmacy benefit manager middlemen who work out drug prices between pharmacies and insurance payers often favor large chain pharmacies or pharmacies they own, leaving small, local pharmacies to wither pacing far lower reimbursement rates."

Read more in the Citrus County Chronicle

Watch the full press conference


High Dose Flu Shots Available

Brashear's Pharmacy now has the 2019-2020 high-dose flu vaccine available. The high-dose flu shot is recommended for seniors age 65 and older.

Your pharmacists are have the vaccine available every day. No appointment necessary.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that the high-dose vaccine was 24.2% more effective in preventing flu in adults 65 years of age and older relative to a standard-dose vaccine.


Flu shots now available. Get protected.

Flu shots have arrived.

Since the first flu vaccine was created almost 80 years ago an annual flu shot has become an essential tool to protect yourself against influenza.

Medicare eligible patients can expect to get their flu shot for as low as $0.

Flu vaccinations are cheap insurance against missing work from an unnecessary illness.

Stop in today to see your friendly pharmacist and walk away with confidence knowing that you're protected.


New Shingles Vaccine: What You Need to Know

The FDA approved shingles vaccine, called Shingrix, is now available again. Shingrix is more than 90% effective at preventing shingles.

It is now recommended that adults 50 and over get the new vaccine to prevent this painful, blistering disease. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should be vaccinated with Shingrix.

Learn more here at WebMD.


Managing Your Medications Made Simple

Managing multiple medications can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Brashear's Pharmacy offers our Simplify My Meds service that will organize your medications by date and time, securely sealed in individual easy-open packages. So, when it’s time to take your next dose you just tear the package off the roll and your pills are there.

That’s all there is to it: no boxes, no bottles, no bother.

  • Organized by date and time
  • Securely sealed
  • Clearly labeled
  • Preprinted reminders for things like liquids and inhalers
  • Easy to open
  • Ideal for travel and everyday

Enjoy greater freedom and confidence that you are taking your medications as prescribed.

Call us to sign up you or a loved one today.


Will CBD oil show up in a drug test?

So, you’ve made your way here asking yourself the magic question, “Will CBD Oil Show Up in a Drug Test?” It’s a legitimate concern. One survey showed that 57% of all employers require drug tests, while a mere 29% said they never used them. That’s the majority of workplaces! And they aren’t the only ones who test, nor are they simply performed as a routine hiring practice. Employers might also issue drug tests at random to enforce compliance in accordance with company policies, or require them when someone is injured in the workplace to be compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. There are lots of additional situations where a drug test might be required, for sports athletes, parole requirements and substance abuse programs to name a few.

There’s a lot of factors at play here and the simple answer is kind of well – complicated. It’s a solid- yes, no, maybe situation and for a variety of reasons; from compound to the individual to dosage, to the test itself.

Talk to your pharmacist or...


Ananda Professional CBD Oil

Professional-grade hemp extract is now available at your pharmacy.

FACEBOOK Vet compounding 1 cropped.jpg

Veterinary compounding

Our pharmacists can help you manage your pets medications.

We're able to adjust both the flavor and the formulation to make it easier for pets to take their medicine safely and our prices are lower too.

Talk to your pharmacist today about filling your pet medications at Brashear's Pharmacy.

brashear's delivery.jpg

Delivery to Your Door

You can request delivery via our website - New Patient - Existing Patient or by using our mobile app.


Which one are you?

One of the issues that concerns us the most at Brashear's is the alarming statistic that 50% of people with chronic diseases are not taking their medication as prescribed. And there are a myriad of reasons for this. Sometimes it's a simple misunderstanding of how and why to take the medication. Often cost is a large factor. And occasionally there are side effects to a medication that need to be managed differently.

Your pharmacist is able to assist with any and all of these issues. Usually a simple phone call between the two of you is enough to be of help address questions. Speaking face-to face at the counseling window can sometimes be more helpful. Of course, your pharmacist is always available to speak with you at any time.

But when there are more than a few questions. And when the issues are more complex than what can be addressed over the phone, a more comprehensive medication review could be the solution.

Many Medicare Part D plans will even cover an annual...


The Pharmacist Will See You Now

Many Medicare Part D plans will cover a yearly appointment for patients to meet with their pharmacist and discuss their medications.


A Pharmacy Doing More

Almost two years ago Brashear’s Pharmacy and its pharmacists were looking for ways we could do more to help our patients achieve better outcomes and lead healthier lives. We knew that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving those goals was simply helping patients remember to take their medicine and take it on time.

So we started a program called Simplify My Meds and the results have been amazing.

Let’s look at just a few of the many people we’ve been able to help.

Jane Doe #1. Jane was a regular at the pharmacy. She had three different physicians and over 12 different medications that she filled on various days throughout the month. We helped Jane by using the technology we had acquired and synced up her refills. She now has an appointment day each month to come and get all her refills. When Jane comes into the pharmacy each month she reviews her medication regimen with her pharmacist at pickup time and gets reminded of the best time to take her medications so they’re most effective.

2. John Doe #1. John was one of the first patients we enrolled on the...

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Pharmacists take care of pets, too

Your veterinarian is the first line of defense in taking care of your pets (family members covered in fur!).

And your pharmacist can help your veterinarian in keeping your furry family healthy and happy.

Pharmacists at Brashear’s Pharmacy can apply their extensive knowledge of dosage forms and can advise veterinarians and pet owners about alternatives in flavoring or formulation that may make it easier for you to administer needed medication.

Contact us today to ask how we can help be a local provider for your pets medications.

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Multiple doctors? You need one pharmacist.

No matter what ails you there is probably a physician nearby who specializes in treating you. You’ve got your general practitioner, your dermatologist, your cardiologist and your urologist. And when you have that many physicians working hard to take care of you, you need to have just one pharmacist.

Your pharmacist evaluates and ensures that your medications prescribed by multiple physicians are safe together and without drug duplication.

And when you’ve got a question, your pharmacist at Brashear’s is always just a phone call away to help answer your medication questions.

Give us a call today.