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Flu shots now available. Get protected.

Flu shots have arrived.

Since the first flu vaccine was created almost 80 years ago an annual flu shot has become an essential tool to protect yourself against influenza.

Medicare eligible patients can expect to get their flu shot for as low as $0.

Flu vaccinations are cheap insurance against missing work from an unnecessary illness.

Stop in today to see your friendly pharmacist and walk away with confidence knowing that you're protected.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

Brashear's Pharmacy can easily compare your current Medicare Part D plan to others to help you save hundreds of dollars each year on your medication costs. Our Medicare Part D comparison tool allows us to compare yearly out-of-pocket costs, monthly premiums, annual deductibles and enrollment options.

We'll estimate your copays for every medication. We can even estimate your different coverage periods throughout the year, including when you should hit the 'Donut Hole'.

The Medicare Open Enrollment period lasts from October 15th to December 7th, 2019 but you wont need to worry - Brashear's Pharmacy has you covered.

No appointment necessary. Your pharmacy staff can have your 2020 Part D comparison ready in minutes. It's another way that Brashear's Pharmacy is A Pharmacy Doing More.


New Shingles Vaccine: What You Need to Know

The FDA approved shingles vaccine, called Shingrix, is now available again. Shingrix is more than 90% effective at preventing shingles.

It is now recommended that adults 50 and over get the new vaccine to prevent this painful, blistering disease. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should be vaccinated with Shingrix.

Learn more here at WebMD.


Managing Your Medications Made Simple

Managing multiple medications can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Brashear's Pharmacy offers our Simplify My Meds service that will organize your medications by date and time, securely sealed in individual easy-open packages. So, when it’s time to take your next dose you just tear the package off the roll and your pills are there.

That’s all there is to it: no boxes, no bottles, no bother.

  • Organized by date and time
  • Securely sealed
  • Clearly labeled
  • Preprinted reminders for things like liquids and inhalers
  • Easy to open
  • Ideal for travel and everyday

Enjoy greater freedom and confidence that you are taking your medications as prescribed.

Call us to sign up you or a loved one today.


Will CBD oil show up in a drug test?

So, you’ve made your way here asking yourself the magic question, “Will CBD Oil Show Up in a Drug Test?” It’s a legitimate concern. One survey showed that 57% of all employers require drug tests, while a mere 29% said they never used them. That’s the majority of workplaces! And they aren’t the only ones who test, nor are they simply performed as a routine hiring practice. Employers might also issue drug tests at random to enforce compliance in accordance with company policies, or require them when someone is injured in the workplace to be compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. There are lots of additional situations where a drug test might be required, for sports athletes, parole requirements and substance abuse programs to name a few.

There’s a lot of factors at play here and the simple answer is kind of well – complicated. It’s a solid- yes, no, maybe situation and for a variety of reasons; from compound to the individual to dosage, to the test itself.

Talk to your pharmacist or...


Ananda Professional CBD Oil

Professional-grade hemp extract is now available at your pharmacy.

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Veterinary compounding

Our pharmacists can help you manage your pets medications.

We're able to adjust both the flavor and the formulation to make it easier for pets to take their medicine safely and our prices are lower too.

Talk to your pharmacist today about filling your pet medications at Brashear's Pharmacy.

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Delivery to Your Door

You can request delivery via our website - New Patient - Existing Patient or by using our mobile app.


Flu shots are available. Get protected!

Your pharmacist is ready to protect you against the flu. Immunizations are fast, easy and available every day. Don't let the flu get you!

We also have the shingles and pneumonia vaccines available. Talk to your pharmacist for details.

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We need your vote!

The Citrus County Chronicle is again hosting their annual "Best of the Best" Reader's Choice Contest for the best people, places, shopping and services in Citrus County.

For the past 3 years in a row Brashear's Pharmacy has won in the categories of Pharmacy and Medical Supplies/Equipment.

And we need your help to do it again.

Please click here and give us your vote!

Remember to vote for Brashear's Pharmacy in the category of Pharmacy as well as Medical Supplies/Equipment.


Great Moments

We’re nearing the end of a long, hot and hard week in our community. And while the moments of the week have been all of those things there has also been a greatness to it. We've watched neighbor helping neighbor, a certain patience was extended and appreciated between strangers, and we all became thankful for what we have and tried to share it with others. This week was a great moment for our community.

I have the joy of working with many family and a beautiful team, including my wife. At the end of the day I’ll often ask her “Did you have any great moments in pharmacy today?” It’s how the two of us together measure the successfulness of the day. And this week was full of such moments.

On Monday morning, after the storm, a tree fell from my yard and completely blocked the road for myself and two of my neighbors. I went to work to try and remove the tree with a chain, and was struggling. But before I had been there for more than a handful of minutes my neighbor arrived and offered to help. A houseguest of her’s...

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Chapters in a story

Each year is like a chapter in a story. And as 2016 soon comes to a close, we wish we could properly express the amazement and wonder when our doors open each morning. That 25 years later we are still here. That people like you give us your trust as we help to provide care. And that we get to share our days with the wonderful group of people that work here. In this business, in this family, we know that our hope and our life comes from God. This business is not a result of how good we have been, but how good God has been to us. And we're glad that you've been a part of our story this year.

This year we've focused on being A Pharmacy Doing More. We could tell you how many prescriptions we've filled, tablets counted and phone calls answered. But that doesn't tell the true story. What tells the story are the number of hugs we've given (many), smiles shared (daily) and friendship offered (all of you). These are the things that we value as a business.

We've also continued to go the extra mile without being asked. To make that phone call to an office to speed...


Which one are you?

One of the issues that concerns us the most at Brashear's is the alarming statistic that 50% of people with chronic diseases are not taking their medication as prescribed. And there are a myriad of reasons for this. Sometimes it's a simple misunderstanding of how and why to take the medication. Often cost is a large factor. And occasionally there are side effects to a medication that need to be managed differently.

Your pharmacist is able to assist with any and all of these issues. Usually a simple phone call between the two of you is enough to be of help address questions. Speaking face-to face at the counseling window can sometimes be more helpful. Of course, your pharmacist is always available to speak with you at any time.

But when there are more than a few questions. And when the issues are more complex than what can be addressed over the phone, a more comprehensive medication review could be the solution.

Many Medicare Part D plans will even cover an annual...


The Pharmacist Will See You Now

Many Medicare Part D plans will cover a yearly appointment for patients to meet with their pharmacist and discuss their medications.

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Changing for the better

We all know that health care is changing. From Medicare Part D starting over a decade ago to Obamacare more recently we are all under an influx of change in who pays for health care needs, what is covered and who we’re allowed to visit and when. Throughout our history as a company, Brashear's Pharmacy has consistently stayed at the forefront of these changes to improve the lives of the patients we see each day. We want to be known as ‘A Pharmacy Doing More’ and so here are some example of how we’re doing just that.

Did you know . . .

Many Medicare Part D plans will cover a yearly visit for patients living with multiple diseases and complex drug therapies to schedule an appointment to meet with their pharmacist. These appointments are called Comprehensive Medication Reviews and allow for you to sit down and discuss questions with your pharmacist about potential side effects of your drug therapies, recommend drug therapy changes and improvements and can help you optimize your health...


Start your new year with better health

After seeing your physician and being prescribed the correct medication for an illness, taking your medication correctly is the next important step. It’s also something that many people struggle with. From remembering to take a dose, taking the dose at the proper time and picking up your refills at the pharmacy there are many ways that we can all have trouble.

But your pharmacist at Brashear’s can help. Our Simplify My Meds department can alleviate those issues and help you lead a healthier, fuller life.

We’ll sync up your refills so you have one pickup each month.

Your pharmacist will optimize your medication regimen by dose and time of day.

And we’ll call you each month to check on you and your health and schedule your pickup day.

It’s like having an appointment with your pharmacist each month, just like your regular appointments with your physician. And equally important.

Call or email us today to enroll.


Doing business differently

Back in November 2013 was one the scariest moments ever in our company's history. A man walked into our pharmacy with a large knife demanding drugs. He threatened our coworkers and attempted to attack us. We scared him away.

Fortunately, none of our coworkers was physically injured in this robbery. All of those who were there that evening were emotionally scarred. I wasn't there that evening but even watching the raw footage made me shocked and angry. These were my coworkers. This was my family.

Today the Citrus County Sheriff's Office found a DNA match for their suspect, Kim Kilpatrick and posted about it on their Facebook page. All of us are thrilled that this robber has been found and it removes a little bit of the worry that hides in the back of your mind wondering, "Will he come back to rob us again?"

You attacked us and you hurt us. You scared an 18 year old cashier on her first day on the job. You tried to attack a man working in an office with your knife who defended himself by repeatedly trying to close and lock his office door. You...

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You've got questions? We've got privacy.

At Brashear's Pharmacy, our pharmacists understand that each patient needs individual attention. And while standing across the counter we know that sometimes the hustle and bustle of a busy pharmacy isn't always the best place for discussions with your pharmacist.

That's why at Brashear's each of our locations are equipped with a private, medication consultation room away from the pharmacy counter so that you can sit and speak to your pharmacist in a setting that is more relaxed and where your pharmacist can give you the attention you deserve.

Consultation with your pharmacist can be done at any visit to the pharmacy or you can contact us for an appointment.


Talk to your pharmacist about Prevnar

What if one piece of broccoli could help prevent cancer? Wishful thinking, right? But one dose of PREVNAR 13® can help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia.

As you age, you take extra steps, like eating right and exercising, to help prevent disease. If you’re 50 or older, take one more step. Help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia with PREVNAR 13®.

The PREVNAR 13® vaccine is approved for adults 50 and older to help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia and invasive disease caused by 13 strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Like some other common infectious diseases, the bacteria that causes pneumococcal pneumonia can be spread when airborne droplets are launched in the air by coughing or sneezing, or exchanged through close contact. This means everyone’s at risk for getting it, although some people are at greater risk than others.

Individual lifestyle and health-related factors may increase your risk for developing pneumococcal pneumonia. The condition of your immune system at any given time can also influence your personal risk, and having certain chronic...


A Pharmacy Doing More

Almost two years ago Brashear’s Pharmacy and its pharmacists were looking for ways we could do more to help our patients achieve better outcomes and lead healthier lives. We knew that one of the biggest obstacles to achieving those goals was simply helping patients remember to take their medicine and take it on time.

So we started a program called Simplify My Meds and the results have been amazing.

Let’s look at just a few of the many people we’ve been able to help.

Jane Doe #1. Jane was a regular at the pharmacy. She had three different physicians and over 12 different medications that she filled on various days throughout the month. We helped Jane by using the technology we had acquired and synced up her refills. She now has an appointment day each month to come and get all her refills. When Jane comes into the pharmacy each month she reviews her medication regimen with her pharmacist at pickup time and gets reminded of the best time to take her medications so they’re most effective.

2. John Doe #1. John was one of the first patients we enrolled on the...


How hormone replacement therapy can help

Tired of feeling hot and bothered?

Do you feel like you’re losing your mind?

Is a good night’s sleep only a dream?

Are you eating less and gaining more?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, let us help restore the balance your body needs. We specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Talk to your pharmacist today about how our compounded hormone replacement therapy can help you enjoy life the way you deserve.

See our Compounding page for more information.

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Pharmacists take care of pets, too

Your veterinarian is the first line of defense in taking care of your pets (family members covered in fur!).

And your pharmacist can help your veterinarian in keeping your furry family healthy and happy.

Pharmacists at Brashear’s Pharmacy can apply their extensive knowledge of dosage forms and can advise veterinarians and pet owners about alternatives in flavoring or formulation that may make it easier for you to administer needed medication.

Contact us today to ask how we can help be a local provider for your pets medications.

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Enjoying Work Every Day, Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about a few of the great people who work at Brashear’s, many of whom have been here a while. And they're a big part of the reason we can all enjoy working here everyday. Now let me tell you about the person who has worked here the longest.

Meet Pam.

Pam has had a long and distinguished nursing career for almost 50 years. Pam started with us as the director of Brashear’s Vital Care Pharmacy, our home infusion division, back in 2002. She continues with us in that role and also frequently assists the pharmacists in our compounding department.

We continue to be so richly blessed by her character, her kindness and her brilliance. She’s the confidant of many of us here and many of you guys too. Many of the nursing agencies around our community, and hospice providers, rely on Pam regularly when working to coordinate care for their patients being admitted into services.

We're so thankful for all the years we've been able to work with Pam.

And we know you are too.


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Multiple doctors? You need one pharmacist.

No matter what ails you there is probably a physician nearby who specializes in treating you. You’ve got your general practitioner, your dermatologist, your cardiologist and your urologist. And when you have that many practitioners working hard to take care of you, you need to have just one pharmacist.

Your pharmacist needs to be the single person watching your health and your drug treatments in their entirety. This is to ensure your safety when taking medications prescribed by your physicians.

Your pharmacist is looking out for duplication of drug therapies, dangerous interactions and can suggest cost saving alternatives for you to discuss with your physician.

And when you’ve got a question, your pharmacist at Brashear’s is always just a phone call away to help answer your medication questions.

If you’re currently taking a medication being dispensed at another pharmacy let us know what it is and where and we’ll take care of putting it in your prescription profile.

Give us a call today.

Posted 3/17/15


A Pharmacy That Makes Us Proud

So what’s so great about this place?

I could tell you about the great products. But you know that anybody can stock those.

I could tell you about the great prices of all our medicines. And usually we’re the lowest, but not everytime.

I could tell you about our great locations in downtown Inverness or on Hwy 491 in Lecanto. But maybe that’s not all that convenient for you anyways.

So what’s so great about Brashear’s Pharmacy?

Years ago James Carville coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

For us, it’s the people, stupid. It’s all about the knowledgeable pharmacists we employ, outstanding technicians and friendly clerks.

It’s about nurses that help immunize and coordinate infusion services.

And it’s about owners that want their employees to thrive both at work and in life.

A great company starts and ends with great people.

And that’s something that’ll always make us proud.

Learn more about the services we provide here.

Posted 3/10/15 by Jesse...


Making life beautiful

What glorious weather we’re having this week. Spring is around the corner. The azaleas are in bloom and I see honey bees gathering nectar. Life can be beautiful. But it is not always so.

No one wants to be dealing with illness or high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. Despite our love of all you guys we know that nobody really wants to come and spend their hard, earned money in the pharmacy. But pharmacists play their role in the health-care system. And they can play their role in a beautiful life too.

In the cold, sterile rooms of health care practice pharmacists are the most accessible providers. They’re on almost every major street crossroads. And they provide essential care to each of you.

They provide vaccinations against the flu, pneumonia and shingles. They counsel patients on the how and why of taking their medications so they’re most effective and most cost effective. They keep you safe against dangerous drug interactions and teach you how to use your new blood sugar machine. They check your blood pressure when you don’t feel great and...


Doing Business is Hard

Despite our best efforts running a pharmacy, or any business, is always hard. We’re a little guy in the world of chain stores and big box pharmacies, mail order and grocery stores.

But we continue to show up to work every day and all of you continue to walk in our front doors.

And so though business is hard it has its bright moments. Each day when you the customer walk in the door I smile. And I’m thankful that you have.

I remember when we first opened our pharmacy in Lecanto and we had a big, beautiful store and business was really slow. People, you guys, hadn’t found us yet. And one man walked in, stopped and looked me in the eye and asked out loud, “Where are all your customers?” I smiled and said to him, “You just walked in and we’ve been waiting for you.”

And so we work hard everyday to keep our prices as low as possible, to keep our service top notch, and to offer programs you find valuable such as Simplify My Meds and...


Being Family is Hard

But there is beauty in doing hard things, especially when doing them as family.

Brashear’s Pharmacy is a family. And we’ve got a lot of actual family here. And we’ve got a lot of folks we just consider family.

But Bob Brashear is one blessed pharmacist. In addition to working with his wife, Dianne, at the store each day, he’s also got his brother-in-law, Jon, his sister-in-law, Pam, three sons, Justin, Jesse and Rob, Jr. and their respective wives, Elis and Glenda. His late mother-in-law, June Wright, worked here for many years as our bookkeeper until a few weeks before her passing. And we miss her terribly.

I wrote to you earlier this week about some of the great team that works here and who have been here for years and years. They’re family too. And we love them.

And they love all of you guys when you come into the store each day.

It’s a great thing when family gets together. It’s beautiful. Some of us see family only sometimes. Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are those big get togethers for the Brashear extended...

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Why we can enjoy work every day

When Bob Brashear opened his first retail pharmacy back in 2001 he knew he was going to need help. Many of those great people from the early years are still around. It's because of them that we can all come to work each day and enjoy where we work. Let me tell you about some of them.

Jon Wright was the first pharmacist that Bob hired when the pharmacy started to get busier back in 2003. Jon is Bob’s brother-in-law and was just a teenager when Bob married Jon’s sister Dianne. Jon went on to go to pharmacy school himself and graduated from the University of Florida in 1986. Jon married his wife Karen who has been a long-time educator in Citrus County and they have six children.

Denise Borre had worked at Fedco Drugs with Bob in the years before it was sold. In 2003 she was hired on in Customer Service and has been with us almost 12 years. Denise has been one of my favorite people to work with and we’re glad to have her. She’s been a tremendous asset in assisting our customers. Denise has two grown daughters and one granddaughter, Nina.

Suzy Decker came...

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Your pharmacist knows a secret

The secret is that despite a trip to a physician, and a friendly pharmacist available to answer questions each day, most people don’t take their medication correctly.

Sometimes we forget and skip a dose that day. Sometimes we forget and take the dose late. And too often we forget why we are still taking a drug. Medicine only works if taken correctly. Brashear’s Pharmacy can help with each of those issues.

We call it Simplify My Meds and there are two levels of assistance.

First, we sync up all your prescription refills. This gives you a scheduled, once-a-month pickup of your prescriptions. That is huge time saver to you the patient or a caregiver. Your pharmacist is available, in person, to go through your medication list when you pickup to answer any questions you have, to go over side effects and to advise you on the best times of the day to take your medications.

Second, we offer additional support for patients and their caregivers by packaging a patient's entire drug regimen by day and time. For drugs not taken in pill form we can set up...

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3 Ways Your Pharmacist Can Help You

Your pharmacist is an essential champion for your health. By partnering with your physician when you are a prescribed a medication, your pharmacist is actively looking for drug interactions with other medications you are taking, educating you on potential side effects and a whole lot more.

1. Seeing more than one physician? Your pharmacist has that covered. By having your entire prescription history available when dispensing your medication, your pharmacist is able to spot potentially dangerous drug interactions from taking place.

2. We're all concerned about cost these days. And that includes your pharmacist. Our pharmacy team is always looking to keep your price as low as possible by dispensing generic drugs when available, billing all forms of health insurance and looking for coupon savings cards to save you money.

3. Our pharmacists are skilled at problem solving. From creating a custom formulation for a child who can't swallow tablets or capsules to a sterile injectible drug used during a surgery your pharmacist is always willing and able to help...

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12 years later . . .

Thursday, October 23, 2003

There's probably a hundred reasons why a mom-and-pop pharmacy could never compete against a town full of chain pharmacies.

But Bob Brashear isn't really concerned about that. In fact, he never has been - not even when the general pharmacy he worked for closed its doors almost two years ago and left him jobless for several months.

Maybe Fedco Discount Drugs - where Brashear worked as general manager - didn't survive, but that didn't mean there wasn't a place for a hometown pharmacy in Inverness.

With that in mind, Brashear, went to work - not for another company, but for himself.

Within weeks, Brashear began making plans to open his own pharmacy in the same building that is also home to his other business, Brashear's Vital Care Home Infusion Pharmacy.

While the building was small, the parking spaces were limited - seven to be exact - and the pharmacy manager had few customers and limited income, he pressed on.

It's not that Brashear was overconfident or a particularly savvy businessman. He admits he doesn't...