A Great Moment in Pharmacy – Tammy

In our household after dinner is done, the kids’ homework is over, and the sun is low in the sky, a simple question will sometimes come, “Did you have any great moments in pharmacy today?”  We decided years ago that’s how we would focus on where there was good even in a bad day and where we felt joy even on a hard day.  Our hope is that even on the hardest of days, there is a great moment we can celebrate while we take care of our community. Today we want to share about a great moment in pharmacy for one of our patients we’ll call Tammy.  


Unlike some other stories involving healthcare-at-large or pharmacy in particular this one doesn’t start with an injury or an illness.  There was no car crash, or cancer, or hospitalization.  A doctor’s visit was in there somewhere that started Tammy taking a life saving blood pressure medication, but that happened years before our story.  Our story starts with our patient Tammy finding herself unemployed in the midst of a pandemic.


The Problem

Tammy is like many patients who visit Brashear’s Pharmacy, or any pharmacy, regularly.  Probably a lot like you.  Overall they consider themselves healthy but they need one or two medications to help improve their lives and live better.  In her situation, Tammy just needed one medication to help lower her blood pressure back to normal levels and keep her cardiac system working well. 


Needing help Tammy approached one of our pharmacists some months ago.  She announced that she was out of a job, out of money, and out of medicine.  Tammy’s medication isn’t an expensive medication but when you’re out of money you’re out of money.  


Fortunately, Brashear’s Pharmacy has a relationship with a local charitable organization that helps folks that find themselves in similar circumstances as Tammy. They’ll pay for medications one-time when needed for a month’s supply to help folks in Citrus County out.  We referred Tammy there and they covered the cost of the medication that month and all was well that day.  Problem solved.


The Process

But another month soon passed and with everything going on in the world Tammy hadn’t found a job yet.  That started another conversation between Tammy and her pharmacist.   Tammy didn’t have the money for her life saving medicine.  And we had a patient who we knew needed our help.  The next month Brashear’s Pharmacy covered the cost of the medication.


Sometimes Tammy would call and excitedly have the money for a week or two of medicine.  Sometimes she would call and humbly ask if we could cover the cost for another week.  This went back and forth for several months.  After months of talking back and forth stories had been shared and relationships had been built.   We all knew her, her story, and that she was looking for work.  


The Moment

But today was different.  We had a great moment in pharmacy today and it looked nothing like it usually does with solving a prescription problem or helping a patient understand how their medication works.  And it wasn’t because we successfully performed CPR in the Cough and Cold section or something else that might be considered heroic.  Tammy called us today, and it wasn’t because she needed our help again.  She called today just to celebrate.   You see, Tammy found a new job.  And she proudly announced her first paycheck will come on this week.    


That was a great moment for Tammy and for Brashear’s Pharmacy and we joyfully celebrated with her.




If you’re not currently a patient yet at Brashear’s Pharmacy we invite you today to experience the difference it makes.  It’s easy to transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy.  Just give us a call or transfer a prescription to us online and we’ll take care of the rest.


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