With Brashear’s home infusion therapies, prolonged hospital stays can be reduced to a matter of days – while slashing healthcare bills. Many intravenous therapies can be easily and safely administered in the home setting. This makes it possible for stabilized patients to continue treatment in the comfort of their own homes, often returning to daily activities and work. Brashear’s Vital Care treatments include:

Antibiotic Therapy
  • Administration through peripheral or central venous access.
  • Ambulatory or stationary pump selected to meet patient’s level of activity.
  • Pharmacokinetic dosing to insure therapeutic blood levels.
  • Most private insurance covers antibiotic therapy in the home setting. Medicare (part B) covers a limited number of antibiotics.
  • Chemotherapy is administered only by specially trained and certified registered nurses.
  • Provide prescribed extravasation medication sand instructions.
  • Provide appropriate disposal provisions.
  • Ambulatory infusion devices for more active patients.
  • Enhanced quality of life through home treatment.
  • Medicare (part B) covers some drugs for home chemotherapy when an external infusion device is used. Most private insurance covers chemotherapy in the home setting.
Hydration Therapy
  • In the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum.
  • Multivitamin and electrolyte additives available.
  • In conjunction with chemotherapy
  • Medicare (part B) does not cover hydration therapy. Most private insurance covers hydration therapy in the home setting.
Patient-Controlled Analgesia
  • Medication compounded to patient-specific strength and formulation.
  • Administration through intrathecal, epidural, central, or peripheral access.
  • Medicare (part B) cover morphine sulfate for home cancer pain management when therapy is delivered by an external infusion device. Most private insurance provides coverage for pain management therapy in the home setting.
TPN Infusions
  • Total Nutrient Admixtures available.
  • Continuous and cyclic schedules designed to meet patient needs.
  • Specialty consultants available for nutritional assessment.
  • Medicare (part B) covers TPN therapy in the home setting over strict coverage guidelines.
Enteral Nutrition
  • Nutrient-drug interaction screening.
  • Nutrient-drug compatibility check.
  • Monitoring of caloric intake.
  • Feeding via nasogastric, gastrostony, or jejunostomy tubes.
  • Medicare (part B) covers enteral feedings under strict coverage guidelines. Most private insurance covers eteral feedings in the home setting.
Other Therapies
  • Growth hormone
  • Colony stimulating factors
  • Immune globulin
  • Dobutamine
  • Infertility Drugs
  • Desferal
We provide complete predischarge and in-home training for patient, nurse, and family/caregiver. Includes step-by-step training manual, training videos, and hands-on practice. Training covers the use of IV pump, site preparation and care, and drug administration. Brashear’s professionals work with the patient’s physician and with local nursing agencies to provide the highest quality of home IV services – which include the delivery of all needed supplies and Brashear’s 24 hour, on call support.